Why your site isn’t getting traffic from Google

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Small businesses in Windsor and Detroit should keep their websites up to date in order to increase conversions. In our time at 20th Century we’ve gone great lengths to ensure that each and every single website we create has a back-end system in place that allows business owners to update the content on their website with the click of a button. Some may see it as a surprise but a very small percentage of clients leverage this power to their advantage.

Small businesses should take full advantage of the platform that we have set in place. Not only because they paid good money for the system to be built in the first place but also because keeping a website up to date is probably the single most important task a small business can do in order rise amongst the ranks of the big guys on search engines like Google.

A brief rundown of how Google works

Google makes use of thousands of bots called “crawlers.” Googlebot, as it affectionately called, will spider a website once or twice per month. This crawl generally takes place over the weekend and it is meant to to be a snapshot of your site. This snapshot is what you see when you Google your company’s name.

If you’ve got a static website or a site that sits dormant most of the time, Google will pick up on that trend. Over time Googlebot will crawl your site less and less because the content simply never changes. This devalues the content on your website. Devalued content is no good to anybody. Google takes pride in offering their searchers valuable content which means your devalued content gets pushed to the back burner and ranks lower and lower in the pages of Google.

How to make your website’s content valuable

According to Google’s Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team and master of all things SEO, content is king. A lot of people have the notion that this means long drawn out pages of content that no one cares about but au contraire! The term “content is king” simply means the following:

  • Take pride in the content on your website. Offer something that people want to see.
  • Be helpful. Answer questions that people might not know they have.
  • Keep your content up to date with new and changing events in culture and with your business.

If you follow those three rules you’ll quickly see the visitors per day increase in your analytics. It’s just that simple. Write things that people want to see and be helpful and the rest will happen naturally.

Consider blogging in order to increase search engine results

This is the bread and the butter. Every site that 20th Century builds has blogging capabilities. This is because we know how Google values the power of the written word. Small business owners who take advantage of this blogging platform rank incredibly well on Google’s search engine results pages. Most of the small businesses we deal with rarely do take advantage of the blogging platform set in place. In fact, less than 25% of our small business clients in both Windsor and Detroit update their website with new content or blog posts.

You might think that you don’t have a lot to talk about or that your business doesn’t change enough to keep content updated and that’s okay. Finding topics to write about can be challenging and Google understands that.

If that’s the case, Google likes consistency. Write once a month or bi-monthly. Google will see that you have fresh content on a regular basis and they’ll spider your page more often.

We at 20th Cen suggest becoming active in your community, reading the websites of other people in your field, and trying to offer your customers solutions to problems they never even knew they had.

Do you sell custom built furniture? A good idea for a blog post would be simple things people can do in order to maintain that furniture so that it lasts not only their lifetime but also their children’s lifetime.

Are you a bar located in Windsor or Detroit? It might be a good idea to have a post that discusses various options for transportation so people have the option to ride in a cab, limousine, or even a party bus if they so choose.

Keeping your website up to date with content and a blog is not only great in regards to ranking on Google but you may even find that you build relationships with other companies in the area because of it.

Remember the bar that posted about transportation options? What if they reach out to various transportation companies in Detroit or Windsor in order to offer discounts to patrons of their bar?

Not only is that a great bit of content to write about on a website but now they’ve built a solid relationship with another company which increases their conversions and driving traffic to their website. So keep those sites updated and if you need any assistance in doing so we’ll be happy to help.

Eric Ellenbrook is a web developer for 20th Century and also runs Detroit web designer