Is the Apple Watch a ‘smart’ investment?

Apple Watch, a smart investment?

Later this evening Apple is expected to release details including price, street date and more application functionality information tonight at it’s Spring Forward event. The hype surrounding the release of Apple products has always been rather difficult to explain, but the watch release is unique in a few ways. One of the main questions when it comes to these new smart watch releases is how they will hold up with time. Purchasing a vintage diver’s watch can easily be seen as an investment into the future. The price of vintage timepieces tend to only increase with time, will the blend of timekeeping and technology be the same? Are people going to be handing down their Apple Watch to their grandchildren? Continue reading

What is responsive web design?

The last few years have shown a shift in the medium of web design. This responsive web design movement has largely focused on presenting content — the real core of any website — in the foreground, shifting the mindset away from the antiquated, layout-centric views transferred into web design from newspapers and print designs of old. This means that people browsing modern websites and mobile applications are receiving the same content on all devices, uniquely formatted for each, rather than a single design modified to fit on every device. Continue reading

How to focus your web copy and sell more.

web-copy-focusBefore you delve into the deep, dark, scary abyss of starting a new website or redesigning an old one, spending some time focusing on what you need your website to accomplish can help illuminate some of the darkness. There are many ways to look at what a website copy can provide for your business, but it’s best to avoid vague objectives such as promoting “awareness” or raising “visibility.”

Continue reading

The Secret to Effective Web Photography

The ability for a photograph to convey a message or evoke an emotion is a well documented and understood phenomenon. The art of presenting information in a striking, visual manner – the very basis of all design – shares a lot in common with photography. Both a well framed photograph and a well balanced design use the same principles to create a pleasant visual experience. Technological advances in high speed internet, bandwidth increases, and constant mobile connectivity have removed many of the older barricades that had prevented us from using high quality photography online. We have entered the age of the photograph. Continue reading

Why your site isn’t getting traffic from Google

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Small businesses in Windsor and Detroit should keep their websites up to date in order to increase conversions. In our time at 20th Century we’ve gone great lengths to ensure that each and every single website we create has a back-end system in place that allows business owners to update the content on their website with the click of a button. Some may see it as a surprise but a very small percentage of clients leverage this power to their advantage. Continue reading

Facebook Messenger Myths


There has been a lot of attention given to the “new” Facebook messenger phone app and we’ve had a few people asking questions about what exactly the new app can / cannot do. Hopefully this quick article will explain some of the main issues / concerns and clear up a bit of the confusion surrounding the launch.

If you’re looking for a quick answer, here goes: Install the app and use it the same way you used the last Facebook app. Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t care about you enough to spy on you, no matter how sure you are that the world revolves around you personally. Continue reading

New Office, New Print shop!

Well, its been a while since we’ve posted anything here. Not that we haven’t been busy, its actually the exact opposite. We’ve been so busy that theres been no time for blogging! That being said, we’re super excited to announce some big changes. First of all we’ve managed to acquire some actual office space in the heart of beautiful downtown Windsor, Ontario. We’re located in the front of 510 Pelissier st as a part of Five Ten Design Factory + Print House. Now instead of just doing websites we’re doing all aspects of print from shirts to signs, posters to postcards. Stop in and say hello! Continue reading

Winter Photography is the worst.

While some of you may be enjoying the beautiful sunshine or beautiful overcast skies. We’ve been stuck in what apparently is a “polar vortex” making the streets of Windsor literally as cold as the north pole. That being said we also had to do some winter photography work outside. Here is what it looks like when a cold person takes photos.  Continue reading